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Difference Between Webflow and WordPress

Island Wizards
May 8, 2024
Webflow WordPress
Building experience Visual coding tool. It may be difficult initially but other one of the better UI of any website building tools. You can drag and drop various structural elements with ease. All in one platform Developers have to do a lot of toggling between screens so can be a little cumbersome at times. Need to use plugins to integrate various features.
CMS Provides the end user to make content changes without any help from designers.

Can be used to create reusable template designs.

Most popular CMS in the world. Blogging functionality is already built in. UI needs to be more user-friendly.
Maintenance and Security All in one place in (Hosting, Security) Webflow which clearly is an advantage.

Lesser developer assistance is required to update the site.

Need to buy hosting and purchase to plugin to customise the site along with the security aspect.

Need a developer to upgrade plugins.

E-Commerce Lacks all the features required mainly around payment processing and user accounts at this stage. Hence, if you are building a pure Provides a free eCommerce plugin called WooCommerce and hence, WordPress is a clear winner in this aspect
Cost Saas-based platform that charges you either monthly or yearly and hence, is a little more expensive. However, this includes the builder. Free to use and hosting is cheaper however, need to buy a subscription to use Builder.

Our conclusion at IW is that both these platforms have pros and cons and it depends on what is your purpose of building a website. If you are building a pure e-commerce store, then our recommendation is to go with WordPress. However, keep in mind that you will need the help of a WordPress developer to maintain the site.

In Webflow, all the maintenance is pretty much taken care including the hosting and security by the platform and hence, there is no need to integrate any 3rd party tool thereby, simplifying the building process.

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