Website Maintenance – Things to take care

Island Wizards
May 8, 2024

In this blog, we delve into post-website development phase emphasizing the ongoing maintenance necessary for a continuous optimal performance. In our experience, many small eCommerce businesses believe their websites will function flawlessly post-development without ongoing budget allocation. However, this is a misconception. This blog highlights the crucial areas needing regular updates to maintain optimal website performance.

  1. Software Updates: One of the most critical areas for eCommerce companies is to ensure that they keep their sites up-to-date by installing security patches on a regular basis. This way, they can keep their site ‘hacker-proof’
  2. Plugin and theme updates: If your website is using a theme and a plugin then it is a must that you update these software on a regular basis so that your website is compatible with various browsers and devices.
  3. Back Up: In our experience, it is very important that the websites are backed up on a regular basis (Fortnightly if possible) so that if something goes wrong and your website goes offline, you have a recent backup available which can be installed and the business continues near normal.
  4. Performance monitoring: It is an established fact that slow websites moves users away and so it is imperative for an eCommerce business to ensure that website’s performance is optimal. This involves improving web page loading times as well as optimizing images and code.
  5. SEO monitoring: In today’s age of digitization, it is important that your website is visible in search engines. This includes tracking your website traffic and backlinks. By undertaking SEO monitoring, it helps a business identifying potential problems and be able to fix it.

What are the next steps

The importance of website maintenance is clear, leaving the question of frequency. At Island Wizards, we recommend setting a monthly budget and consulting agencies offering maintenance services for optimal results.

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