Top 6 Benefits of Using A Custom Theme in WordPress

WordPress still remains one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) for many brands and marketers across the globe. WordPress is a dynamic platform that can be used for powering numerous types of websites – from individual blogs and non-profit organizations to feature-rich online stores. Many internationally renowned companies, such as Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz and Bloomberg favor WordPress, so there must be something behind its immense popularity, right?

WordPress is an open-source CMS platform that is easy to setup and offers vast community support. It also has a variety of custom themes and plug-ins to cater any type of business. For any website to stand out, it should be unique in all aspects. Having just a website is not enough, but it should be user-friendly, responsive and well-designed. It should be visually appealing that can have a positive impact on a success of a business. Let’s dig into how custom WordPress themes can benefit your business.

#1 Unique look and feel

The internet is overcrowded with hundreds and thousands of businesses operating under the same niche. Among this noise, many businesses tend to lose their identity, which is why it is important to create a unique website that reflects your brand identity. With WordPress theme customization, brands can give a new face to their website, creating unique landing pages and other visual elements. You can completely customize the look and feel of the website based on your needs, allowing you to offer a truly unique user experience. A unique theme will also help your business stand out among others, and get noticed by target audience.

#2 Faster load speed

Often theme comes with fancy features that your business may not really need. As a result, your website will not only look crowded and confusing, but it will also run much slower. For any website, page loading speed is a crucial factor. If it doesn’t load in less than two seconds, users are likely to move away to your competitors. Along with the reduction in sales, this will also blow your SEO rankings. But, with custom themes, it is much easier to manage and optimize. A custom theme contains only your business related features and nothing else. This allows your WordPress site to run much faster, resulting in better user experience. Moreover, you can rest assured that your site theme has been rigorously tested to ensure it is free of bugs.

#3 Easy to Update

A website cannot stay the same forever. It needs to be updated on a regular basis to keep up with the business growth and address the needs of the customers. Without custom themes, it becomes quite difficult to bring new features and updates to your WordPress site. But, if you choose to implement a custom WordPress theme from a WordPress expert, you can have all the latest features and security patches applied to keep your website up-to-the-date. All you need to do is inform your developer when you wish to update the theme. Your business grows and evolves every day, and therefore, your website should be able to cope with it.

#4 Improved Security

Security is a major concern for every business. The internet is full of cyber criminals looking to exploit vulnerabilities in your site. And, unfortunately, 90% of all websites that are targeted by the hackers are powered by WordPress. So, how do criminals get into a WordPress site? Simply by purchasing a theme and breaking down its code to explore loopholes. That is why the majority of WordPress developers choose to go with a customized theme. No attacker will be able to get into your custom theme code. Although a custom theme doesn’t guarantee complete protection from hackers, but there will be fewer bugs and your site will be more secure than other readymade templates.

#5 Better Support and Maintenance

While using readymade templates, you may encounter a number of issues, such as certain elements incompatible with your design, which can altogether make your website inoperable. On the contrary, you can expect prompt, high-quality support with a custom theme. If anything goes wrong, the theme developer will readily available to fix issues. Furthermore, it will be easy for the developer to maintain the website and keep it functioning as he himself is the creator of the custom theme.

#6 SEO-Friendly

SEO plays an important role in getting your website on the top of the SERPS and get it noticed by potential customers. While most WordPress ready-made themes come with basic SEO features, you will still have to put a great amount of efforts to optimize it according to your business goals and fully leverage its potential. When you build a custom theme from a scratch, you have the control of developing its structure, which also plays an important role in achieving better SEO results besides keywords. The search engine crawlers can better index your content if your website structure is simple and organize. Moreover, the limited source code used in creating a theme also adds an extra edge in SEO compliance to reach a wider audience.

Final Thoughts

Above are some benefits of WordPress that are worth considering. We admit that creating a custom theme is an expensive outlay, but given the benefits it offers, a custom theme is worth every penny. Your custom WordPress theme will have its unique feel and look, and always offer the latest features for your users to enjoy. It will also be more secure, giving your prospects a peace of mind that their crucial details are always protected. This one-time investment will go a long way in reaping substantial returns.